Former UI student found guilty of killing his family


A former University of Iowa student has been found guilty of killing his mother, father and sister at the family’s home in Cedar Rapids.

Prosecutors argued that 22-year-old Alexander Jackson fatally shot the three on the morning of June 15th, 2021. Alexander claimed that a masked intruder broke in and executed the murders, then shot him in the foot during a struggle.  Police found no evidence of a break-in or struggle and arrested Jackson.

Father Jan Jackson was shot five times, while mother Melissa and sister Sabrina were each shot twice. The murder weapon, a 22-caliber semi-automatic rifle, was lying near Jan Jackson’s body, and the weapon’s storage box was found under Alexander Jackson’s bed.

The former UI business student told investigators that he did well his freshman year, but only passed one class out of the 15 credit hours in which he was enrolled during his sophomore year. His family reportedly told him to get a job, or move out of the house.

Jackson was found guilty on all three 1st Degree Murder charges on Wednesday.

Sentencing is set for March 3rd. 1st Degree Murder is punishable by life in prison.