Coralville man who allegedly raced an ambulance arrested for OWI


A Coralville man whose alleged reckless driving included racing an ambulance while it was on a call was charged with OWI.

Police say 25-year-old Jefferson Stack of Coral Court was called in as a reckless driver just before 2am Wednesday as he was traveling southbound on I380 near the 8 mile marker.  The reporting party, inside an ambulance, stated that he was all over the road as he tried to “drag race” their vehicle while it was on a call with lights activated.

The reporting party alleged that other vehicles were yielding the right of way to their ambulance, but Stack was not. They claimed Stack appeared impaired or distracted as he passed them.

A deputy came upon Stack, who had exited the interstate at Forevergreen Road and was slow to turn despite having a green light. He then allegedly sped up and ran a red light.

Upon contact, Stack reportedly had red watery eyes, slowed speech, and advised that he had been drinking earlier.  After performing poorly on field tests, Stack refused a PBT. A subsequent Datamaster showed his BAC at .087.

Stack was charged with first offense OWI, a serious misdemeanor punishable by a jail sentence of up to a year if convicted.