Cedar Rapids man arrested for participation in late August assault


A Cedar Rapids man was arrested on riot charges for his participation in an assault that occurred in downtown Iowa City late last month.

According to police, the incident occurred on the 100 block of South Clinton Street just after 2am August 27th.  Video footage allegedly shows 26-year-old Donall Diggins of Bever Avenue Southeast delivering several kicks to a defenseless male on the ground with several other subjects.  At no point during the altercation did the victim assault Diggins.

Prior to assaulting the victim, Diggins reportedly punched one of the man’s friends in the face. The victim suffered a broken nose, broken eye socket, brain bleed, and a major concussion.

Diggins was interviewed by authorities and allegedly admitted to being on scene, with his narrative of the incident matching the video footage.

A warrant was issued, and Diggins was arrested just before 6am Sunday. He’s been charged with Willful Injury causing Serious Injury and Participating in a Riot. If convicted on both counts, Diggins could be sentenced to up to twelve years in prison.