Cedar Rapids woman pleads not guilty to charges she robbed Iowa City grocery store by using a Taser


A Cedar Rapids woman has pleaded not guilty to charges she robbed an Iowa City grocery store by using a Taser.

29-year-old Jasmine Cherry of 15th Avenue SW entered the plea Monday. Iowa City Police say on May 3rd of last year Cherry was observed by staff at the Westwinds Drive Fareway placing three pounds of ground beef inside her bag. She then reportedly grabbed a bottle of 1800 tequila from the alcohol aisle and placed that in her bag. The total value of the two items was $47.99.

Cherry reportedly threatened a store manager with a Taser when they tried to stop her from leaving without paying. Fareway employees later found Cherry’s Facebook page, where she had posted a video of her holding the bottle of tequila.

Cherry was initially charged with 1st Degree Robbery and 5th Degree Theft, although online court records now show the charge as Aggravated Theft. If convicted on the original charges, Cherry would have faced a maximum of over 25 years in prison. The new charge carries a maximum sentence of two years behind bars. A trial date has not yet been set.

Cherry was given a two-year suspended sentence in 2020 after her involvement in a Thanksgiving Day brawl on Lakeside Drive that culminated with her reportedly assaulting her host and throwing a brick through a window. She was given community service that same year after she refused to return $754 in materials to the Iowa City Public Library.