Iowa City man accused of assaulting woman by beating her with chair


An Iowa City man was arrested on the 4th of July after allegedly assaulting the mother of his children.

Iowa City Police were called to the Town and Campus Apartments on Arthur Street late that night on reports of an assault. Upon arrival, they found the victim outside the apartment in an excited state. She claimed that 45-year-old Lavail Drain of South Governor Street had beaten her with a wooden chair. The chair was located nearby, broken into pieces.

Witnesses on-scene reported seeing the woman and Drain engaged in an argument inside her apartment immediately prior to the assault. They also reported seeing Drain assaulting the victim. The victim required medical evaluation at the hospital.

Surveillance video from the area of the incident allegedly captured the assault. Drain can be seen  punching the woman multiple times. He reportedly walked away for a short time, then is seen grabbing a large wooden chair and beating the woman with it. Drain allegedly hit the woman with such force that the chair broke into pieces.

A check of Drain’s criminal record showed at least three prior convictions for domestic abuse assault. He was charged with Domestic Abuse Assault 3rd or subsequent offense and Domestic Abuse Assault with intent to inflict Serious Injury. If convicted on both counts, Drain could be sentenced to up to 7 years in prison.