Hiker from IC found dead in Utah state park

Hiker from IC found dead in Utah state park

After three days of searching Canyonlands National Park for a missing Iowa City man, crews found the 33-year-old man dead Friday.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Jonathan Hogue, a graduate teaching assistant at the University of Iowa, was an avid hiker, known for traveling long distances on his treks at state and national parks and going off trail. Authorities found his car March 10th parked near the Green River Overlook in the national park’s Island in the Sky section, according to a post on Canyonlands’ Facebook.

On Tuesday, crews started searching for Hogue, who hadn’t left a schedule of his travel plans with anyone. The national park didn’t release any details about what led to Hogue’s death or where he was found.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. A deputy said Friday evening she wasn’t authorized to release additional information.

The national park said on Facebook that Hogue was a doctoral student, who liked to draw and paint, and whose dream was to become a park ranger.