ICPD: Marshalltown man can’t figure out how to exit parking ramp, is arrested for OWI


Iowa City Police say an alleged drunk driver was arrested after he couldn’t figure out how to exit a parking ramp.

An officer reports observing 37-year-old Denton Ward of Marshalltown trying to exit the Capitol Street ramp in his 2015 Dodge Durango around 1:30 Sunday morning. Ward allegedly attempted to exit for about ten minutes, trying to use the pay station unsuccessfully. His headlights were off the entire time.

Ward eventually gave up trying to leave and drove back into the ramp after speaking to the people in the vehicle behind him. Those occupants told police they believed Ward was intoxicated.

Ward was located still inside his parked car elsewhere inside the ramp. Police say he showed signs of intoxication and refused to participate in field sobriety, breath and blood tests.

Ward was arrested and charged with Operating While Intoxicated.