ICPD: Downtown cookie restaurant manager accused of grabbing male employee’s penis while using “baby voice”


The manager of a new downtown Iowa City cookie restaurant faces charges that he grabbed an employee’s penis on two separate occasions…in one case speaking in what was described as a “baby voice” while doing so.

According to arrest records, a new employee was called into the basement of Insomnia Cookies on East Washington Street just after 7:30 Wednesday night for orientation. 25-year-old Insomnia Cookies general manager Grant Hill of Keota allegedly had the man watch videos on a laptop. While the alleged victim had the computer on his lap, Hill allegedly grabbed the man’s penis in an unwanted advance.

A second incident allegedly occurred just before 10:45 that same night as the new employee was being trained by Hill in the kitchen. Hill allegedly pointed at the man’s penis multiple times while saying “pee-pee” in what police describe as a “toddler-type voice”.   Police say he then grabbed the man’s penis without consent.  Surveillance video corroborates the man’s story.

Police say the man later made a recorded call to Hill to confront him about the incident, and Hill apologized.

Hill is charged with two counts of 3rd Degree Sexual Abuse. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.