Coralville man arrested on weapons charge days after sentencing on domestic incident


A Coralville man who was sentenced to a year’s probation on a domestic incident was arrested days later for his role in a fatal shooting last year.

Judge Jason Burns issued the sentence last Thursday. 24-year-old Tramon Robinson had been arrested after an incident September 24th when he allegedly got into an argument with the woman at her residence just before 4 am.  The incident reportedly escalated to Robinson putting his hands on the woman’s throat and restricting her breathing. The couple’s child was in the same room.

Robinson was charged with Domestic Abuse Assault impeding Airflow and Child Endangerment, he could have been sentenced to up to seven years in prison at sentencing.

On Friday, a weapons warrant was issued for Robinson’s involvement in a fatality outside the old H Bar on South Van Buren Street.  On October 23rd of last year, several physical fights broke out just before 2am, one of which involved Robinson. During the scuffle, a firearm in his possession fell to the ground. Another subject picked up the handgun and fired several rounds. 36-year-old Waymond Thomas, who was struck by the gunfire, died from his injuries.

Robinson has two felony convictions and as such was ineligible to possess a handgun at the time of the incident.

He was taken to the Johnson County Jail Wednesday night and charged with Dominion or Control of a Firearm as a Felon, a Class D Felony punishable by a prison term of up to five years if convicted.

The alleged shooter, 19-year-old Antonio Scotton of Cedar Rapids, is charged with Voluntary Manslaughter and Intimidation with a Dangerous Weapon. If convicted on both charges, Scotton could be sentenced to up to twenty years in prison.

H-Bar has been rebranded as Nile Hookah Bar and is currently open 7 days a week from 6p-midnight; police calls to that location have dropped dramatically in the past months.