Iowa joins multistate suit against robocall company


Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird has joined with just about every other state in the country in a lawsuit against robocall company Avid Telecom, its owners, and chief officers.

KGAN TV reports the lawsuit accuses them of facilitating billions of illegal robocalls to millions of Americans in the past several years. Since 2019, about 9,000 of the calls have targeted Iowa alone.
In the robocalls, Avid Telecom allegedly has been impersonating the government, law enforcement agencies and private companies, with millions of calls violating the National Do Not Call Registry.

Bird’s office says Avid Telecom sent or attempted to send a total of over 24.5 billion calls between December 2018 and January 2023. The robocall scams reportedly involved the Social Security Administration, Medicare, auto warranties, Amazon and more.

Avid Telecom describes itself as a telecommunication business and is based in Arizona. A total of 49 states have joined in the lawsuit.