Iowa City man charged with domestic assault after fight over money


An Iowa City man was arrested last week after allegedly threatening to rob a woman who reportedly owed him money.

The incident occurred at the South Dodge Street residence of 18-year-old Marshall Love Wednesday afternoon just after 2:30.  According to police, he and the woman had a dispute over $50.  During the altercation, Love reportedly made several threats to rob the woman if he did not get the money from her.  He then allegedly told officers on scene that if they left, they would have to return.

Love then reportedly grabbed a can of lighter fluid that was sitting on the porch and walked into the residence.  He then came back outside with the lighter fluid and a lighter in his hand.  The woman involved in the incident was standing in the entrance to a neighbor’s residence, a few feet from Love.

Love was arrested and charged with Domestic Abuse Assault 1st offense, a simple misdemeanor.