Kalona man charged with forgery after reportedly passing bad checks


A Kalona man was arrested Tuesday night on warrants stemming from September incidents where he allegedly forged two checks.

According to police, 28-year-old Lucas Ray of 11th Street went to Costco in Coralville and purchased a membership, using a forged check in the amount of $120 on the afternoon of September 8th at around 1:45. A little over a half hour later, he reportedly produced another check under another name other than his own and bought a computer valued around $500. Ray allegedly came back just before 4 pm to return the computer and get a cash refund. The bank notified the store that there was no account under the name on the check, and his request was refused.

The next day, he returned and attempted to purchase an Xbox with another check. Employees refused, and Ray reportedly requested a refund on the account. He was given $120. The store only found out later that the account used was invalid.

Warrants were issued for Ray’s arrest, and he was booked at the Johnson County Jail at 9:30 Tuesday night. He’s been charged with two counts of Forgery and one count of 5th degree Theft. If convicted on all charges, Ray could be sentenced to over ten years in prison.