New carts increase recycling in IC

New carts increase recycling in IC

The installation of new recycling carts in Iowa City has resulted in a large increase in recycling participation.

Recycling Coordinator Jane Wilch reports in a release from the city that recycling tonnage increased 30% over the same time last year. She attributes it to the new carts, with the larger containers on wheels making it easier to recycle more material.

Still, Wilch cautions residents that they need to be diligent when it comes to recycling rules. She says too much of the wrong materials being recycled can mean compromising an entire load of recycling, diverting it to the landfill instead.

The recycling guide, available on the city’s website, outlines what can and cannot be put into the blue bins. Taboo items include glass, which must be taken to a recycling center, plastic bags, wrap and film, which can be recycled at participating grocery stores, and Styrofoam. Yard waste can be composted, as can shredded paper. Recyclable items do not have to be sorted when placed in the bins.

The city continues to prioritize recycling and continues to have viable markets for recycling materials, as long as they’re rinsed clean. Carts determined to contain unsuitable materials will be tagged and left.

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