IC woman hides from medical staff after being brought in for intoxication


An Iowa City woman who was allegedly too intoxicated to complete field tests after being caught behind the wheel fled from medical personnel after being brought to a hospital to be checked out.

Police came upon 48-year-old Dava Bryan of Jamie Lane just after 1am Wednesday in the 900 block of East Iowa Avenue after she allegedly crashed into a parked car after traveling the wrong way down the street. When they made contact with Bryan, she was still behind the wheel with the engine running. Despite signs of intoxication including bloodshot watery eyes, impaired speech and balance, Bryan denied drinking.

Police report she was so intoxicated she could not complete field testing. Bryan refused evidentiary blood and breath specimens.

She was taken to a hospital to be checked out by doctors, but she fled from custody into the parking lot, and hid for a short time until she was located and taken back into custody. Bryan is also accused of being uncooperative at the jail, refusing to leave the back of the squad car until being taken out by force.

Bryan is charged with OWI, public intoxication, escape of misdemeanant, interference with official acts, and a number of moving violations. If convicted on all counts, Bryan could be sentenced to a maximum of 26 months in prison.