Morty’s Mindbenders: Williamsburg woman accused of hiding marijuana in Rick & Morty jar


It wasn’t a Worldender, but a Williamsburg woman could have used a Meeseeks Box to help her hide her marijuana early Friday morning after Iowa City Police say she hid it in a Rick & Morty-themed jar.

According to arrest records, 19-year-old Bobbi White of East Welsh Street was found parking in the lot of Geoff’s Bike & Ski on South Gilbert Street at 1:30am…well after the business had closed.

Police say several pine tree air fresheners were strewn about White’s vehicle, she showed multiple signs of impairment, and the car smelled of burnt marijuana. White allegedly denied having or smoking marijuana inside the vehicle, but later handed over a Rick & Morty-themed jar containing marijuana buds. Multiple blunt packages were also found in the back of the car, and White allegedly admitted that everything in the vehicle was hers.

White is charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance. If convicted, she could get schwifty with a maximum sentence of one year in jail.