IC man convicted in taxi driver robbery case arrested for carrying weapons


An Iowa City man with a felony conviction after police say he robbed a taxicab driver has been arrested again after he was found carrying brass knuckles.

Iowa City Police made contact with 33-year-old Samuel Lockett III of Aster Avenue just after 12:45am on Tuesday after complaints that he was going door-to-door bothering people on the 4000 block of East Court Street. Police say Lockett asked the responding officer for a ride, then admitted unprompted that he was carrying brass knuckles and showed them to the officer.

Lockett had no permit to carry a weapon, and a previous felony conviction keeps him from being able to obtain such a permit. In 2014 Lockett reached a plea deal with prosecutors after police say he robbed a cab driver on New Year’s Eve 2013 on the 900 block of Hudson Avenue. A 2nd Degree Robbery charge was pleaded down to Assault While Participating in a Felony.

Lockett now faces a Carrying Weapons charge for the brass knuckles incident.