The Blues Zone

On Air:

Join Captain Steve Bridges for three hours of the best in Blues!

Steve Bridges also owns 1630 in Iowa City.

Steve is the former minority owner of the original KFMH-FM (99.7), on air personality at various other stations KSTT, KXEL, KJJY, KLEU, and KWPC.  After Many years of hearing,  “We miss KFMH”, Steve and current partner Tom Suter decided to do a reunion show in hopes of raising enough funds to bring KFMH back. Fast forward a bit and voila!….. 99pluskfmh was born and is now hosted on Tune-in Radio and can be heard worldwide on any internet device. Listen to Captain Steve mornings on KCJJ and on the Blues Zone Saturday nights on KFMH!

Steve was given a Lifetime Achievement award by the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.