Davenport man arrested after being found holding himself while passed out in vehicle

A Davenport man was arrested in Iowa City early Thursday morning after an officer found him in a less than flattering state.
Police came upon 33-year-old Jamie Lopez of Main Street passed out in his Kia at Kirkwood and Maiden Lane at approximately 2:45am. Checking to see if he was okay, they observed a strong odor of consumed alcohol, and beer in the vehicle. Lopez was difficult to wake up, and allegedly had bloodshot watery eyes and a bar wristband on his arm.
Lopez also allegedly had his penis out and his hands around it, and a sex toy was found on the floorboard.
Lopez reportedly refused to identify himself, ignored several requests to stay in his vehicle, attempted to pull away from officers several times. He also allegedly refused to get in the squad car after several commands to do so.
Lopez was taken into custody and charged with harassment of a public official, public intoxication, and interference with official acts. He also is being charged on a previous charge of driving while barred habitual offender. If convicted on all counts, he could be sentenced to over two years in prison.