Coralville man arrested for allegedly trying to cash stolen check


A Coralville man faces prison time after attempting to cash a stolen check.

According to police, 33-year-old Emanual Barnett of the 900 block of Boston Way went to the Wells Fargo bank branch on 2nd Street at approximately 2:15pm Tuesday. He went through the drive-thru and attempted to cash a $1200 check written to himself, but he had signed his name on the signature line. When bank personnel requested Barnett come in to present ID, he did so, but presented a different check, this time with the account holder’s signature on the signature line.

The bank employee contacted the account holder, who told them she had cancelled the account because her purse and checkbook had been stolen.

Police were called, and under Miranda questioning, Barnett allegedly admitted he knew it was a bad idea, and told them the location of the stolen checkbook in the vehicle he rode in to the bank.

Barnett was charged with Forgery, a class D felony punishable by a maximum five-year prison sentence.