Alleged chronic UIHC masturbator picked up on warrant issued after skipping third hearing


An arrest warrant has been served on an alleged chronic masturbator accused of skipping three different court hearings.

27-year-old Chad Morgan Fairchild of Davenport allegedly also skipped an earlier hearing last January. Online records show a warrant was served and he was taken into custody on May 13th. A new case management conference was set for May 24th, which Fairchild also allegedly skipped. A warrant was immediately issued for his arrest. Fairchild was served at the Scott County courthouse, where he was appearing on a domestic abuse charge. Fairchild was booked at the Johnson County Jail just before 1pm Wednesday.

Court records show Fairchild also skipped a case management conference on July 27th of last year. He was taken into custody last August, leading to last January’s rescheduled court date.

Arrest records indicate Fairchild entered the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics on June 21st of 2019 despite a court order saying he could only return to the facility under escort of family, law enforcement, corrections, or security personnel and after notifying UIHC Safety and Security. None of those conditions were met, and Fairchild was charged with Trespassing.

Fairchild was banned from the UIHC because of a May 2019 incident where police say he started masturbating on three different occasions in front of a staff nurse and nurses monitoring him on video.

A UI Police report indicates that during one incident Fairchild allegedly stated “you people on the video, do you like that?” while he was stroking himself.

Fairchild faces an Indecent Exposure charge, a serious misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of one year in jail if convicted.