Riverside couple accused of violating no contact order and robbing sporting goods store


A Riverside couple who were ordered to not have contact with each other not only violated the order, but worked together to allegedly steal merchandise from a sporting goods store.

Police say that 38-year-old Heather Frankhouser was involved in a Washington County domestic incident in which a judge issued a no-contact order with the alleged victim, 37-year-old Jeremy Frankhouser, on May 27th. A pretrial conference was set for July 8th and a non-jury trial scheduled for July 22nd.

Coralville police say that the couple violated the no-contact order by going together to Scheels Sporting Goods at Coral Ridge Mall just before 8pm Wednesday. According to arrest reports, Jeremy was selecting items from the store and consciously handed them to Heather, who then concealed them in a side bag. The two walked out past all points of sale with over $300 in merchandise.

The two were taken into custody and charged with 4th degree Theft, a serious misdemeanor punishable by a jail sentence of up to a year each. Heather Frankhouser was also charged with violation of the no-contact order on the domestic incident.