Freedom Riders call for release of man who allegedly provided guns to shooters in Christmas Day incident in Coralville


The arraignment of two brothers charged in the Christmas day shooting death of a Coralville resident has been delayed, while the man accused of providing the weapons to the shooters is getting support from protest groups calling for his release.

20-year-old Milton McAbee is facing first degree murder charges in the death of 30-year-old Gregory Jackson,  while his brother,  18-year-old Elijah McAbee, is facing the same charge.

Their arraignments are now set for next month.

Police say the shooting grew out of a dispute that rose after Jackson allegedly pistol whipped the father of the two. They then went to the apartment of Tremayne Clemons, who allegedly gave them the guns used in the shootings. They reportedly returned to a barbeque that was going on Christmas night in the neighborhood with the weapons. Jackson and another unidentified individual were at an apartment there, heard people were outside with guns, and went outside to check it out.

Police allege that Milton McAbee shot Jackson, who later died from his injuries. The second person was reportedly shot by Elijah McAbee. Court documents claim that Milton McAbee admitted to the shooting to another person.

Clemons faces federal charges of being an unlawful drug user in possession of firearms. He has not been formally charged on providing weapons used in a felony.

The Iowa City Press Citizen reports that both the Eastern Iowa Community Bond Project and the Iowa Freedom Riders have called for his release. They say in a joint statement that it’s “egregious that Tremayne has been in custody for so long based on flimsy allegations which stem from a law that is deeply racist and arbitrarily enforced.”

A Go Fund Me Account has been created by his family to help obtain private counsel for Clemons.